The core purpose of Port Hedland Primary School as defined in the Strategic Plan is to set high expectations and improve outcomes for all students.  

Port Hedland Primary School provides a comprehensive curriculum with a strong focus on literacy and numeracy through the collaborative WA Curriculum.  

The school’s curriculum has been developed as a structured approach to curriculum planning that ensures a shared vision within the school on curriculum development, common documentation, common language and common understanding of the whole-school curriculum by teachers and parents. Our data is analysed regularly by teachers in their PLCs and includes a schedule of year level assessments including NAPLAN, On Entry, Brightpath, InitiaLit cumulative assessments and other school based agreed assessments. We analyse school performance data including student, staff and parent surveys and use this to reflect on and further build on the strong processes that are in place.  

Curriculum initiatives include Response to Intervention, classroom differentiation and individual support 

In addition to the comprehensive classroom programs offered in Literacy and Numeracy, Port Hedland Primary School addresses the learning areas of Science, HASS, Health and Physical Education, The Arts, LOTE and Technologies as well as the capabilities. Our Pre-Primary to Year 6 students participate in early literacy and numeracy skill development over the week and specialist teachers provide instruction in Physical Education, The Arts, Science, Health and the Technologies within these domains.  Our Kindergarten students follow the Early Years Learning Framework coupled with the specific Kindergarten Curriculum which is a play-based approach to learning for these students.