Our Staff

Staff at Port Hedland Primary School strive to create positive partnerships with students and parents. By working together in a spirit of mutual cooperation to address each child’s needs, we hope to provide every child with the foundation he or she requires to be successful in the future.

Administration Staff

Principal – Karen Burgess

Deputy Principal – Trent Collins

Deputy Principal – Brian Birrell

Acting Deputy Principal – Megan Oliver

Office Staff

Manager of Corporate Services – Nadine Youngman

School Officers – Renata Holloway & Vikki Hall

Library Officer – Tanya Hosking

Gardener – Jessica Roebuck

Early Childhood Education

Kindy – Brooke Marsh

Kindy – Lauren McKay

Kindy – Elizabeth Pyke

Pre Primary – Vanessa Brown

Pre Primary – Linda Hutchinson

Pre Primary – Lisa Scarfe

Educational Assistants

Tirrena Byrnes

Erin Bynge

Jasmine Henry

Kanika Kanika

Amy Martain

Leanne Ruston

Catherine Reynolds

Claire Simmons

Samantha Vesperman

Teaching Staff

Yr 1 – Sandra Ashbury

Yr 1 – Lauren Attwood

Yr 1 – Oliver Bell / Athena Dyson

Yr 2 – Gemma Whant / Stephine Myers

Yr 2 – Lily Kirkbride

Yr 2 – Jayde Newman

Yr 2/3 – Holly Brindle

Yr 3 – Brooke Chandler

Yr 3 – Kris Petrovich

Yr 4 – Peter Carman

Yr 4 – Jason Hammond

Yr 4 – Seana McCourt

Yr 5 – Robert Allen

Yr 5- Jerrilee Meagher/ Kylie Unkovich

Yr 6 – Skye Aitken

Yr 6 – Kieren Sparks

Specialist Teachers

BHP ELP – Helena Keogh

Sports – Michelle Cockie

Science – Nikhil Sharma / Yuanjun Ma

IT – Molly Carroll

Visual Arts – Emily Jones

LOTE – Takeia Beard

Music – Benjamin Sedgman

MiniLit – Briana Malia

School Psychologist

Kristy Harper

Emily Hogan

Cleaning Staff

Pom Paech, Razis Razali , Beau Cusick, and Sam Nichols

Uniform Staff (P & C)

Sherrie Howatt

Canteen Staff

Storm Wheeler