School Services

School Services Ear Bus

Earbus Foundation staff work closely with parents, carers, children and communities to ensure an optimal outcome for the children receiving ear health services. All staff attend forma Cultural training twice a year with informal learning taking place as a result of our Aboriginal staff’s willingness to share their journey with the wider team.


Care includes routine dental examinations or check-ups, oral health advice, extractions, fillings, X-rays and fissure sealants. Specialist dental service such as oral surgery and orthodontics are not provided, and patients will be referred for these services. If you would like to make an app to see the school dentist, please contact; Port Hedland Dental Clinic – 91721912 South Hedland Dental Clinic – 91732529

School Psychologist

Our public schools are diverse, which means our students and their needs vary considerably, and our school psychologist have the opportunity to make real difference in the lives of many young people. If you wish to be referred to our school psychologist, please contact the front office for further assistance.

Health Nurse

School Health nurses provide the service in partnership with schools. The school health service promotes healthy development and wellbeing, helping students reach their full potential.

OT Services

Occupational therapy addresses the physical, cognitive, psychosocial and sensory components of performance. In school, occupational therapy therapists focus on play and leisure, social participation, self-care skills, and transition/work skills. Support for teachers with their student’s development.