Information for Parents

Homework Policy


International research indicates that homework has little effect on improving students’ achievement in Primary School. However, there is also evidence that a reasonable amount of homework, balanced across the curriculum, supports the development of the student’s independence as a learner and can further the partnership between school and home. 

Our goal is to develop students’ self-management skills through students developing their own study habits with support from parents and teachers. Homework tasks should be phased in gradually and consistently as students move through the primary years. 

Homework reinforces and supports the things your children learn at school. It is designed to get your children thinking and applying what they learn in different ways and encourages them to become independent learners.

During the first years of primary school homework involves fun activities such as:

  • reading with your children every day
  • encouraging your children to draw, write and tell stories
  • practising using numbers
  • encouraging your children to observe things in nature and to ask questions.

As your children progress through school, they receive specific tasks and projects designed to apply their knowledge in different ways – for example creative writing, oral presentations and assignments.

You can help your children by:

  • setting aside a set time each day for homework (also allow time for play and relaxation)
  • setting up a ‘homework space’ where your children can do their homework
  • setting up a schedule for big projects that take longer to complete so they are not left with one day to finish it
  • letting your children have a go at their homework first before helping them
  • asking your children to explain what they have done – explaining things in their own words is a great way to learn
  • checking your children’s homework when they are done for the day and working through any errors together
  • knowing where your children are up to with their homework so they do not fall behind.

If your children are having problems with their homework or with a specific subject or project, ask their teacher to spend some extra time helping them through the task.

Never Stop Reading

Here is a link to support your child’s reading through Primary School. Never Stop Reading!

Holiday Work Information 

NOTE – Holiday packages will not be supplied to students if going on Vacation during term time.